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Henan qi Xiang Slide Guide Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in China's battery industry capital of Xinxiang, Changyuan County hoisting industrial Park, Henan province, the middle latitude eight north, the company was founded in 2011, is the production of sliding wire, lane, seamless slip line, sliding guide electrical appliances, copper and aluminum wire, lifting accessories manufacturing and sales of integrated companies.

After more than more than 20 years of development, absorbing the technical essence of domestic and foreign manufacturers, and developed a unipolar, multipole, steel, seamless safety slip-line, nude line, C-beam and various parts and other excellent products, and in strict accordance with the Machinery department jb6319.2-1992 related standards of production. The company's products are safe, energy-saving, beautiful, convenient and other characteristics, mainly used in lifting, shipbuilding, ports, power plants, automotive manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical, textile, light industry, playground and other broad areas. The company's products have been serialized, standardized, and according to the requirements of the user special design and manufacture.

We have high quality products and professional sales and technical team, in the company's development and growth in the 6 years, we provide customers with quality products, good technical support, sound after-sales service, Qi Xiang, Henan Province, Electric Co., Ltd. is Xinxiang electrical appliances and electronic products specialized store industry well-known enterprises, If you are interested in our products and services, please leave a message or inquire.

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