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Influence of traffic track irregularity on h-Sex lane

Many times, customers in the purchase of H-type Lane, do not pay attention to the problem of the road track, in fact, the road track problem is related to the installation of the later Lane, the following is to introduce the H-type Lane rail track installation problem on the impact of the traffic lane.

1, the recent customer reflects, H-type Lane after installation, the Crane line hanger often fall off, after the installation of personnel inspection, to find out the original cause of the road track deformation caused by the problem. When the track deformation causes the installation of the sliding contact line, the installation is not straight. The problem can only be solved from the source, the need to correct the track, this situation, I suggest looking for the vehicle manufacturers, so that the driving operators to correct the track.

2, the general occurrence of this situation, is the owner in the acceptance of the driving, and did not accept, pay attention to the installation of road tracks, traffic track is not straight, another reason, the author speculated that the installation of the track, the purchase of unqualified, the other may be the problem of expansion and contraction, resulting in

Because there are many reasons for deformation, so the small part of this is not easy to analyze, but also in accordance with specific circumstances to solve.

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