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Why choose High quality H-type lane

Presumably everyoneH-Type LaneIs no stranger, it is a power-operated wire, so the quality specifications of the lane is very important, because it affects not only its service life, but also its own safety, the following is from H-type lane manufacturers to share the purchase of the lane when how to distinguish its quality.

1. Thickness of PVC shell. Generally speaking, the H-type lane shell acts as a protective slip conductor, plays an insulating role, and acts as a sunscreen, moistureproof, rain-proof, and dust-proof. H-Type Lane shell thickness is also a measure of the quality of the slip line, if the H-type lane shell is relatively thin, may occur man-made careless damage to the lane, at the same time, security can be greatly reduced.

2. Conductor sectional area, conductor thickness. It is obvious that the larger the conductor cross-section, the better the heat dissipation is; the thicker the conductor thickness, the stronger its conductivity. When purchasing the lane, it is important to observe the conductor cross-sectional area, but also to observe the thickness of the conductor, do not rule out, some manufacturers, its current small slip line posing as a large current slide line.

3, the conductor aluminum alloy material quality and source. This factor, but also determines the driving line price of the main factors, aluminum alloy conductor material is better, the price is high, on the contrary.

4, the overall appearance design. This is not likely to play a big role, in fact, also occupy a certain share of the overall design of the road line with most of the engineering environment, and the appearance of the design is conducive to the protection of the sliding line, but also from an aesthetic point of view added a bright spot. This will enhance the competitiveness of the product in the lane market.

Select the H-Type lane line of course choose Qi Detailed slide guide electrical production line, high quality, cost-effective, welcome to have the need for customers to inquire.

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