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Causes and treatment methods of common faults in gantry sliding line

  Gantry Sliding LineIs the use of foreign advanced experience with the development of energy-saving sliding contact line, it has a safe and reliable and excellent mechanical and electrical properties, easy to install and maintain, the following we on the gantry sliding line fault treatment method to do a detailed introduction:

1. There are sparks in the Gantry slide guide line:

Main reason: Brush surface and guide rail contact poor; Treatment method: monitoring rail joint, appropriate running-in brush to ensure 60% contact area.

2, the work of the gantry sliding line big:

Main reasons: Pull fork can not absorb transmission error, the guide to the straight straightness, the lifting rack loose; Treatment method: Fixed tractor, so that it can freely absorb the transmission error, adjust the straightness of the guide rail, tighten the lifting rack screws;

3, Brush side abrasion:

Main reasons: Brush wear, gantry-line set of electrical equipment is not positive, the traction of the fork side of the transfer is too large; treatment methods: replacement, correction of spring pressure, replacement of traction fork or modified retractor fork.

4, safe sliding wire collector walking has a large abnormal sound:

Main reasons: The current is too large, the joint is not smooth; Treatment method: Increase the number of collector; Reinstall the rail connection.

5, Brush wear fast:

Main reasons: The joints are uneven, the load flow is too large, the spring pressure is big, the treatment method: The guide rail is reconnected as required, the quantity of the collector is increased, and the spring pressure is replaced and corrected.

6, Safety skid-line set of electrical shell abrasions:

Main reasons: Guide deformation, set of electrical equipment is not satisfactory; Treatment method: According to fault 2 treatment, increase the shape of the clamp;

7, Safe slip line power off:

Main reason: Brush is climbing in the catheter, brush wear is serious, unable to touch the conductor, the conductor joint is not flat, the single collector is used; The guide joint is loose; Treatment method: Detect the Collector is serious, replace the collector, replace the electric brush, readjust the connection node, adopt the Double brush collector, and readjust the tightening connection screw.

8, the deformation of the guide rail, set electrical movement blocked:

The main reasons are: the ambient temperature is too high, the spacing of the lifting rack is large or loose; Treatment method: Local use of insulation plate, outdoor plus sun visor, increase the safety of the number of slip-line lifting, corrective catheter, and tighten screws.

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