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How to guarantee the quality of the single pole slip line

Single-pole slip line is mainly used to power the mobile equipment, it is mainly composed of two parts, sliding line guide and collector. So how can we guarantee the quality of the single pole slip line?

1, Carbon Brush service life: belong to consumable goods, driving distance affect equipment maintenance cycle;

2, sliding line shell quality: the use of temperature, environment, etc.

3, collector performance: mainly from the life of the wheel, turning wheel design and collector to meet the use of various environments;

4, the expansion of the line: the length of more than 100 meters to consider the expansion of the problem;

5, Voltage drop problem: According to various copper strip length voltage drop is different.

The installation of the single pole slip line is also a problem that we need to pay attention to, otherwise it is likely to affect its operation and safety during its use.

Single-pole Slip line installation method commonly used is the pressure plate installation, this kind of installation method not only can save a certain material, but also make full use of the driving guide plate, it is more often recommended slip line installation method.

There is also a method called the test installation method is also a sliding line installation, but this method needs to use the welding technology, so the length of the slip line will have a certain demand, so in a specific case will be used in the installation method.

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