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Seamless slippery line of use precautions

Seamless seam line is a new type of mobile power transmission, which can play a very important role in the modern industry or in particular its quality is good, it has a greater impact on mobile equipment, so companies choose a good No slippery line when the equipment is crucial.

Seamless sliding with economy, energy saving, safety and other characteristics. As the first choice of power supply products for mobile devices, the seamless sliding line often has some problems in the application process. Next, we will introduce the relevant matters needing attention in the application process of the seamless sliding line.

1, no seam slip Before the application, be sure to check the connection point is solid, and to observe the slide installation is straight, because it is related to the follow-up effect.

2, check the use of slip-line collector, as the slipper is more commonly used wearing parts, so according to the crane's use, regular inspection brush wear the collector, and according to the situation to be replaced.

3, if the use of slippery line, the emergence of sparks, the current collector is not running, etc., mainly because of poor customer quality slippage, can only be replaced by a new trolley line, in order to solve Problem, there is sparking because the slip-line conductive surface strip off, drum up, rough caused. This slippery line of workmanship is generally poor.

Seamless slip line Notes on the use of the process introduced here, I hope for everyone to help.

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