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The contact ability of the crane slip line with contact

  Crane Sliding LineThe pulley can ensure that the brush in the top and bottom of the tube position, roller wear too much, will make the brush is scraped or the phenomenon of power off. When the power supply line is plugged in, can be connected at the junction, suspension interval should be shortened, the detailed size can be set in accordance with the premise of the installation of the set of electrical appliances installed in the first set of the square tube, the choice of a common position with the slip line fixed in the electrical equipment, Attention should be paid to the set of electrical and sliding contact line has a good tracking function and outstanding contact ability.

According to the capacity of mobile equipment, equipment load, ambient temperature, line length and reasonable selection of product specifications and leave the amount, using a long set of electrical test, attention must not be wrong and interphase short circuit. Avoid impact slip line and set of electrical appliances. Observe the wear of the carbon brush of the collector regularly and replace it in time. When replacing, disconnect the power, unplug the old carbon brush, insert a new carbon brush, and reconnect the power supply. For side-mounted slide line should be periodically used compressed air to blow away the tank dust. Check the Collector spring fatigue, if the pressure is insufficient, should be replaced in time spring. Check the slip line and the set of electrical connection is firmly, the sliding line connector protection cover deformation, if there is deformation in time to replace.

Crane sliding Line of the guide to reach the connector 1/2, 1/2 left with another rail connection, the above work is ready, and then a slip of the line hanging on the stent, for all connections, the connection to tighten the screws of each connector. When the line is more than 200 meters in length, it is necessary to add the Slip-line expansion section, when the power line into the line, can be in every 6 meters or 4.1-meter joints at the junction.

The installation distance of the suspension frame should be shortened when installing the sliding line of the curved crane, and the specific size can be determined according to the field conditions. Crane Slide Line installation and maintenance, in the installation of Crane slip line set of electrical appliances first installed in the supporting square tube, select the appropriate position with the sliding contact line fixed on the electrical equipment, should be noted that the slip-contact line with the slip line with good tracking performance and good contact pressure, the collector and the sliding contact line should be installed in the same vertical, horizontal direction. Before transmission, to a full line of review, especially the power supply connector, to confirm that it is not loose, after the installation is completed correctly, according to the commissioning personnel into the operating position, and then power. Turn on the power, observe the power of the mobile device after normal, start the small power of the mobile device to run for a few minutes, and then start high-power mobile device operation. Observe the set of electrical appliances in the whole line relative to the slide of the left and right pendulum, if the deflection is too large, the slide line can be adjusted again. Observation of the electrical collector carbon Brush in the slip-line connection sliding state, if the run is not smooth and bad contact, should be the sliding line interface to reload, or increase the slide line end of stainless steel chamfer after reloading, adjust to the appropriate position.

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