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Non-seam slide lines are mainly divided into which types

The seamless slip line is mainly composed of sheath, conductor, three main components of electrical appliance and some auxiliary components.

1, sheath: is a semi-closed tube-shaped parts, is the main part of the seamless slip line. The interior can be embedded 3-16 naked as the power supply conductor, the guide rails are insulated from each other, so as to ensure the safety of power supply. Non-seam slip line can effectively prevent electric shock accident of overhaul personnel during live maintenance. The manufacturer produces the tube each length is different, may connect to any need length, the ordinary conduit makes the linear shape, may also according to the special demand make the arc shape and so on.

2, conductor: The main material is copper, according to its cross-sectional area commonly used have 10 square, 16 square, 25 square

3. The electric appliance is a set of brush shell frame which runs in the catheter, driven by the fork (or traction chain, etc.) placed on the electric machinery (driving, trolley, electric hoist, etc.), it is operated synchronously with the electric power, and will pass through the rails, the electric energy of the brush to the electric motor or other control element. The pole number of the electric brush of the electric appliance has 3-16 poles corresponding to the pole number of the guide rail. The power supply seamless slip line device can be used for electric hoist, electric beam and electric single girder bridge crane, stacker, automatic inspection line for electromechanical products, automatic production line, movable electric tools and other mobile electrical equipment, as well as the fixed laying busbar in factories, mines, workshops and office places.

Currently, there are several types of sliding contact lines:

Safe slip Contact Line: Used in dust, humidity and other environment, can be equipped with dust-proof sealing strip and hand protection. Set electrical operation speed of less than 300 meters/minute;

Multi-pole Sliding contact line: Easy to install, fast, simple and compact structure, safe and reliable, applicable to the current in the following 100A commonly used;

Rigid body Sliding contact line: For high current equipment, current up to thousands of, suitable for harsh environment, high temperature;

Single-pole sliding contact line: According to the different number of Poles to combine, the current can be up to thousand Ann, is currently more commonly used slip contact line.

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