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The role of the crane sliding line accessories

The role of the crane slip line components:
1. The collector uses a supporting structure. The effect is to supply power to the mobile device. The first is composed of special carbon brushes, binding posts, plastic shields and support arms. If the equipment is to be repaired, the relay should be powered off to ensure power. safety;
2. The adapter is mainly used to connect the end of the guide rail, and the inside comprises a pressure plate, a bolt, etc., the outer casing is made of engineering plastic, and a port is left on the outer casing, and the lead wire can be introduced;
3, hangers, fixtures, end cap hangers: the first to hoist the crane slide guide, the data for engineering plastics. Fixer: It is mainly used to fix the crane slide guide. When the guide rail is elastic, it can guide the guide rail to extend to both sides of the fixer. The end cover: generally on both ends of the guide rail, it has the effect of insulation protection.

4. Guide rail and sheath guide rail: It is made of aluminum alloy profile and is inlaid with “V” shaped stainless steel slot to ensure the wear resistance and stability of the collector brush and good contact with the guide rail. Sheath: The data is engineering plastics, which have wear resistance, aging resistance and flame retardancy, and can be well insulated and maintained.
The above is the role of the components of the crane slip line. For more detailed consultation, please call us for more information.

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