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How to measure the quality of the sliding wire

The quality of the sliding wire is related to the service life of the sliding wire and also affects the normal operation of the driving. Therefore, when choosing the sliding wire, we must pay attention to the quality of the sliding wire. Below we will give a brief introduction to the quality of the sliding wire.
1. The thickness of the PVC casing. Generally speaking, the sliding wire shell protects the sliding wire conductor and acts as an insulation function, and at the same time functions as a sunscreen, moisture proof, rain and snow, and dust. The thickness of the sliding wire shell is also a standard for measuring the quality of the sliding wire. If the sliding wire casing is relatively thin, it may cause accidental damage to the sliding wire, and the safety performance will be greatly reduced.
2. Conductor cross-sectional area and conductor thickness. It is obvious that the larger the cross-sectional area of ​​the conductor, the better the heat dissipation; the thicker the conductor, the stronger the conductivity. When buying a sliding wire, it is necessary to observe the cross-sectional area of ​​the conductor of the sliding wire, and also observe the thickness of the conductor. It is not excluded. Some manufacturers pretend that the sliding wire with a small current is a large current sliding wire.

3. Quality and source of conductor aluminum alloy materials. This factor is also the main factor determining the price of the sliding wire. The aluminum alloy conductor material is better and the price is higher, and vice versa.
4, the overall design. This item does not seem to play much role, but it also has a certain share. The overall design of the sliding wire conforms to most engineering environments, and the design is conducive to protecting the sliding wire, and it adds a bright spot from an aesthetic point of view. This will increase the competitiveness of the products in the sliding wire market. The design of the website is to do a good job of user experience. Similarly, the sliding line is also to make the overall design of the sliding wire and improve the quality of the sliding wire so that it can be based on the entire market for a long time.
5. About the selection of the slip line collector The slip line collector is a key component of the driving power supply. How to select the sliding wire collector is particularly important. The selection of the sliding wire collector is briefly introduced. The sliding wire current collector mainly comprises a shoe piece, a shoe box, a spring, a current collector bracket, a collector supporting part and the like. The collector is divided into a heavy-duty collector and a light collector. The choice of light collector or heavy-duty collector is determined according to the current of the sliding wire. Generally, the current of the sliding wire is less than or equal to 500A, and a light collector can be used. If it is greater than 500A, Use heavy duty collectors.
When using the sliding wire collector, the preferred collector is to consider the manufacturer that matches the sliding wire. Do not use the collector indiscriminately, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the driving, and the burning slip will be seriously damaged. The shoe piece on the collector is made of copper-containing carbon base. After purchase, check the matching type with the sliding wire. Since the current collector itself is a consumable item, the long-term use will wear the shoe piece, so it is necessary to check regularly, the wear level of the shoe piece on the collector is regularly replaced.

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