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What is a crane slip line?

The crane sliding line has also become a trolley sliding line, a crane sliding line, a gantry hanging sliding line, a driving sliding line, etc. The crane sliding line is mainly a kind of sliding contact line product for supplying power to mobile devices. The crane sliding line can be divided into single pole sliding line, multi-stage sliding line, steel body sliding line, jointless sliding line, gantry crane tram sliding line and so on according to the environment in which it is used.

Regardless of the type of slide line, she is divided into multiple models based on cross-sectional area or current.

When the customer selects the crane sliding line, the model and type are comprehensively considered according to the environment used and the power of the equipment. More relevant information about the driving slip line, the crane sliding line and the crane sliding line can be inquired. Henan Qixiang Slide Conductor Co., Ltd.

We will provide customers with quality service, welcome to inquire.

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